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  • Wed, October 17, 2018 10:35 AM | Anonymous

    When you register for an event, the registration is pending until the associated invoice is paid. Events may be canceled online up to 4 days before the event. After that point, an account administrator must cancel the event for you.

    ILR recommends the following workflow.

    1. Register each event picking the invoice me option
    2. Visit your profile's my event registrations tab
    3. This tab will show your invoiced but not paid registrations and your active registrations
    4. For each registration you wish to cancel, click the event title link. Then click the already registered link. If the Cancel Registration button appears, you can cancel the registration yourself. If not, contact the office.
    5. Once you have completed making cancellations, return to your profile to view your invoices and payments. The Pay Online button will create a single transaction settling all of the invoices shown.

  • Thu, October 04, 2018 9:40 AM | Anonymous


    This guide gives information needed to prepare content and add content to the appropriate section of the website. It will review the intended function and audience of each section of the website.

    Audience Roles

    The website supports the following audience roles
    • Visitor -- anyone viewing the site that is not currently logged in.
    • Members -- any site visitor who has logged in and holds an active membership. The site provides members with access to member services pages and functions and access to members only content.
    • Volunteers -- any member who holds an elected or appointed position, usually officers, committee chairs, and designated committee members. The site grants access to board and committee materials.
    • Staff -- primarily our employees who hold some administrative rights allowing member management, event management, and website content creation.

    Home Page


    • Visitors
    • Members
    • Volunteers
    • Staff


    Everybody starts at the home page. The home page is designed to give quick access to material written to attract new members, ILR news, program cancellations, mail-in registration materials, information useful to new and prospective members.

    How Presented

    Most of the content on the front page of the website is generated from content appearing in the back of the website. Updating the front page most commonly requires creating a blog post in one of the back page blogs. The blog pages are in the menus.
    • Masthead -- written content
    • Introducing ILR -- written content and link to material from our prospective members trifold
    • Featured Events -- generated events list holding coming events tagged Featured
    • News -- Summary of posts new to the News Blog
    • Cancellations -- Summary of posts new to the Cancellations Blog. Update this section by adding a new post to the Cancellations blog. Note, items are shown in post order with the most recent on top. Old items will age off.
    • Registration Forms -- Summarizes the recent Registrations Forms blog articles that give dates and links to the quarter's mailing, registration forms, and trip forms. Update this item by posting the files for the quarter and writing the quarter's blog post.
    • Become a Member -- A brief intro and a link to join us page which gives links to the membership form and a link to the online membership purchase form.
    • Learn More -- Curated links to pages of interest to prospective members and current members.
    • Upcoming Events -- Generated list of coming events. Creating registration event entries updates the list.

    About Us Menu


    • Members primarily
    • Speakers


    This menu lists and provides navigation to pages of interest to current members, speaker candidates, and scholarship candidates. This information is fairly static but the scholarship material is updated as needed for each grant period.

    Join Us Menu


    This menu lists and provides navigation to the pages used to become a member or renew a membership. Once the site is live for member services, this material will stay relatively static.


    • Visitors

    Volunteer Menu


    This menu list and provides navigation to pages related to serving as an ILR volunteer. Volunteers include our officers, standing committee chairs, standing committee members, and task volunteers. Post volunteer recognition in the News blog. Contact information for officers and committee chairs is in the Info menu.


    • Members

    Events Menu


    The Events Menu gives access to the online registration system.


    • Members
    • Visitors

    News Menu


    The News Menu gives access to the News Blog summary and posts.


    • Members
    • Visitors

    Info Menu


    The Info Menu lists and gives access to the several blogs primarily of interest to the members. These include the Cancellations Blog, Registration Blog, Website Tips, and Staff Tips.


    • Members
    • Staff

    Board Meetings Menu


    This menu provides access to board meeting agendas, board meeting minutes, financial reports, Resolutions, and the Board Forum.


    • Officers and Committee Chairs
    • Members
    The Board Forum is restricted to Officers and Committee chairs. The remaining blogs are accessible to all members.

    Committee Meetings Menu


    This menu gives access to committee related pages for those committees that wish to use this capability. An Upcoming Events gadget shows scheduled committee meeting events. A table of links takes the member to the committee page, committee blog, and optional committee discussion forum. The intent is to do business in the blog and forums rather than  by passing around Email chains and MS Office files.

    • ILR Volunteers
  • Sat, September 22, 2018 10:02 AM | Anonymous

    Email for ILR Online Memberships

    Member accounts must have one valid Email address used for communications about the account's registrations, billings, and reminders. We have two account types: single and joint.
    • Members having individual Email addresses should use the single account type.
    • Two members who share an Email address must use the joint account.

    Joint Account Second Email Address

    To add the second member to a joint account requires an Email address used to identify the registrations of the second member. This address must be unique within Wild Apricot but need not be an active Email address.

    If you like, you may register for GMail service with Google. If not, ILR has created a reserved ILR Email address that you can use but you have to make it unique to our registration service using a GMail trick.

    GMail has a convention that allows a household to use a single Email account for mutiple recipients within the household. This technique uses addresses of the form account[email protected] GMail delivers all such mail to the account but the suffix allows the household members to identify mail to them after delivery.

    ILR has a reserved Email account [email protected] for this purpose. Member Nick Hamby who does not have an Email account would use the address

    Wild Apricot will treat this address as a unique address but GMail will send mail addressed like this to [email protected].

    Mail Service Recommendations

    ILR strongly encourages each member to subscribe to Gmail and to use a Gmail address rather than a carrier address provided by Cox, Verizon, or ATT. When you change carriers, you may loose the Email account provided by the outgoing carrier. This can happen even when you change cell phone providers or home Internet providers from Verizon to Cox.

    ILR strongly recommends that you configure a second email address as a recovery address for the first. For example, I have Apple and GMail addresses and each is configured as the recovery address for the other. If my GMail password goes missing, Google sends the password reset message to my Apple Email.

    Use of Microsoft mail services (,,, is not currently recommended as Microsoft's offerings are all different and some require paid MS Office Live subscriptions.

    Use of Verizon Email is not recommended. With the AOL acquisition, the story at Verizon is unsettled. Migration to Gmail is recommended.

    Use of Yahoo Email is not recommended as Yahoo has had significant security issues over the years. Migration to Gmail is recommended.

    COX Email Addresses

    Cox does not support Gmail style aliases but allows a Cox account to have multiple Emails addresses. The link below takes your to the procedure for adding additional Cox Email addresses.The second link shows how to have Cox forward Email from one address to another.

    GMAIL Email Aliases

    If you prefer to have a single GMail account for the household, there are two techniques you can use.
    Another option is to have valid Gmail addresses for each individual but configure the second address to forward messages to the original address. If not forwarded, the two addresses may be used as recovery addresses for each other.

  • Thu, September 20, 2018 9:02 AM | Anonymous

    Wild Apricot has produced a video introducing members to the use of a Wild Apricot hosted member website. Watch the video.

  • Thu, September 20, 2018 8:58 AM | Anonymous
    This article outlines the steps to recover a member's website password.
    1. Visit
    2. You should go pretty quickly to the home page I showed on the 19th
    3. Click the little man in the upper right corner of the home page to open the login form.
    4. Click the forgot password link
    5. That will take you to the page that requests a password reset
    6. Enter your email address
    7. Enter the magic number that proves you can read an eye chart
    8. You will see the "Reset password instructions Emailed" message
    9. Retrieve the "Choose a new password ..." Email from your regular Email reader.
    10. Click the really long link in the second paragraph to go to the change password page
    11. Choose and enter a new password. Enter it in both places
    12. Record the new password.
    13. If asked to log in with the new password, do so

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