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Our classrooms have the following technology support.

  • Public address amplifier
  • Wireless lavalier microphone
  • Video projector and screen
  • White board, markers, and eraser
  • Classroom computer to manage local tech
  • Honeywell Elmo overhead camera
  • Emergency services telephone

Video Projector

The video projector has connections for the classroom computer, portable computers, and media player. The projector has inputs for the classroom computer, a DVD player, and an HDMI input that may be used with 1920x1080 portable sources such as a personal computer or tablet.

Classroom PA

The classroom PA is intended for speach sound reinforcement use. Performers should plan to bring their normal small venue amplifiers, mixer, and speakers. We have a head mount microphone and a lavaliere microphone. The lavaliere mic works best when mounted above the sternum at collar bone level.

Our sponsor uses Shure body packs. If you have a favored Shure head-hunted or ear-mounted microphone, it should be possible to use it with the provided Shure transmitter.

Classroom Computers

Most classroom computers are older Dell machines running Windows 7. Each classroom machine has a Staff login that our presenters use. The classroom computers have MS Office and Adobe Reader installed and web access is available from the instructor’s account.  Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer browsers are installed. A USB2 port is available for connecting thumb drives that are FAT formatted.


Some presenters bring their own computers while others use Dropbox, Google Drive, or mail attachments to transfer their presentation materials to the classroom computer.  Most presenters have success using Google Suite, Apple iCloud Keynote, or Office 365 PowerPoint One Drive in a Firefox or Chrome Web Browser. 

If your computer has an HDMI output, you may use it with the classroom projector and PA to present content. If you have a university instructor's account, you can expect your institutional login to work. If you are not affiliated with the university, you should either have your media with you or stored on one of publicly accessible web services that can be accessed from the presenter's account of the classroom computer. 

Hours: 10 AM to 3 PM Monday through Friday
Email:  [email protected]
Phone: 757-368-4160

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